Waste Management Augmented Reality Product Finder Mobile App

When it comes to ordering a dumpster, both commercial and residential customers face the same problem: determining what size container will fit at their location. Homeowners have limited space in driveways and curbside, while business owners frequently need to find space within a parking lot or alleyway to place the dumpster. And few people can accurately visualize what size dumpster will fit from the dimensions alone.

To solve that problem, my team turned to the augmented reality capabilities built into today’s most popular smartphones. We created a mobile app for Waste Management that used the iPhone’s camera to virtually place an accurately-scaled, photorealistic dumpster within a real world environment so the customer could see how it would fit. Starting by gathering some info about their waste removal needs, the app recommended a dumpster size, then allowed the customer to visualize it virtually within their location. They could try different dumpster sizes and shapes if the recommended one wasn’t the right fit. Then could begin the ordering process directly from the app, seamlessly transition from visualization to purchase.