Waste Management Residential Service Ordering Start Screen

Like many other businesses, Waste Management was becoming more and more reliant on its website to gain new customers. But it was seeing high dropoff during the ordering process. It needed new thinking and a new direction to ensure that more people completed their orders.

After analyzing WM’s usage data, listening to customer feedback, and evaluating their existing order process, I sketched out an improved journey to better move buyers through the sign-up process. With a design strategy focused on customization and transparency, I designed a new order flow and interface that allowed users to tailor service to their specific needs. And throughout the process, they would always see clear pricing info so there would be no surprises at the end.

This reimagined UX/UI design became the foundation of a complete overhaul of Waste Management’s e-commerce flow, which drove the online sales results that the businesses needed.

Residential Service Ordering Process

Step 1 Residential Service Ordering Process
Step 2 - Add Recycling Service Screen
WM Account Setup
Service Order Confirmation
Order confirmation screen

Commercial Service Ordering Process

WM Commercial Order Process - Start
Configure commercial service step 1
Add commercial recycling service
Account Setup
Review commercial order
Commercial order confirmation