Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams at the grave of friend Leonard Brown

For UPS, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. As shipping volumes reach their peak, so do people’s expectations. We needed a solution for managing customer demands that would help keep sentiment around the brand positive and refocus the conversation on social media.

UPS has always been involved in giving back to the community in big ways. By telling smaller, more personal stories around acts of social good, we hoped to humanize UPS and make people aware of the generous nature of the brand. But more importantly, we highlighted the relationships that form between the amazing people who work for UPS and the incredible people living and working in the communities that they serve.

Wishes Delivered is a social campaign that is more than just simple marketing: it has become a platform for the brand to tell authentic, heartfelt stories that truly connect with people and make them feel something real. The objectives of the campaign went beyond the typical social engagements, focusing on brand sentiment lift and social sharing to spread our incredible stories across the social web. 

The Stories

Central to the campaign were the long-form videos, which told the stories of inspiring individuals working to make a difference in the world. UPS played a supporting role in each of these tales, providing logistics to help each hero with their mission, but staying out of the spotlight.

We didn’t just tell stories, though. We did some good, too. We helped a spirited group of knitters bring comfort to victims of domestic violence. And we joined one of the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipients as he paid respect to the families of fallen soldiers.

These inspiring videos were directed and edited by David Serota of DOKUMENT FILMS.