UPS Solvers website home page

UPS had created a series of landing pages to position itself as a logistics and business thought leader. But those pages weren’t very effective. They were disjointed and inflexible, and most of the content was in linked PDFs. The landing pages weren’t optimized for mobile devices, and SEO was a nightmare.

UPS needed a more modern, maintainable, and user-friendly approach to deliver its thought leadership content. To accomplish this, my team developed the UPS Solvers website, a responsively designed, branded hub of educational content built in WordPress.

We started with a comprehensive content strategy to organize and categorize everything that would go into the site. We stripped the content out of hundreds of PDFs and converted it to a web-native format. And we made the content more easily available on the users’ terms.

The result was an accessible, functional, and search-optimized site that significantly improved the user experience, drove increased traffic, and funneled more prospects towards becoming UPS customers.

UPS Solvers home page
UPS Solvers Serving Customers landing page
UPS Solvers Growing Globally landing page

Content Strategy & Wireframes

We began the design process by shaping a complete content strategy for the site, including an audit of available sources of content and a plan for how it should be formatted and categorized. From there we mapped out the site architecture and created wireframes for the page templates that would organize the content into multiple tiers of information.

UPS Solvers homepage wireframe
category page wireframe
article page wireframe
gated content wireframe subscribe feature wireframe
search results wireframe
Article content page