visual refresh

UPS had re-platformed and redesigned, the company’s global website, in 2017. But the design wasn’t performing the way the brand had hoped it would. The visual design system didn’t reflect the more modern brand image that UPS was trying to portray. And the design of individual page templates and site components wasn’t optimized for usability or to facilitate successful user journeys.

After an audit that included a heuristic evaluation of, stakeholder interviews, and an analysis of usage metrics and recent usability research for the site, I started the redesign process with my team. We began with a design exploration that was then user-tested with UPS customers and prospects. The resulting design established a direction for and an improved user experience for UPS customers.

The first phase of the redesign was primarily limited to visual and structural enhancements to the existing templates and components of the site. Within those parameters, we delivered a new design system and updated pattern library, which the development team at UPS will roll out over the next 12-18 months.

The new home page design
A new interior page for

Style Sheet

Once the new design exploration was completed, user-tested, and refined, we had a foundational design from which to create a new style sheet for the site.

Component Library

Each existing component of was evaluated and redesigned to apply the new visual styling and deliver enhancements to the user experience, providing a completely updated, fully responsive pattern library for the site. Below is a small sample of the dozens of components in the library. components components components components component component