Samsung Galaxy SIII Times Square Activation

Samsung needed a unique out of home experience to help launch their newest phone, the Galaxy S III. To demonstrate the GSIII’s ability to easily share video from the phone to another screen, we developed an idea where, for the first time ever, video was shared live from a mobile phone to a Times Square billboard.

For four days, street teams used the Galaxy S III to record over 1200 people sharing their best smiles, dance moves, kung-fu kicks, runway walks, air guitar riffs and more. Each video was then beamed from the phones to the 64-foot Samsung digital billboard towering over Times Square for everyone to see.

Meanwhile, cameras captured all the action and posted it to YouTube so participants could share their moment of fame.

I was responsible for the concept (along with my writing partner, David Shih) and oversaw the creative direction and execution. It was a key part of Samsung’s biggest product launch in America, a truly never been done before experience, and the ultimate larger than life demo.

Samsung Times Square billboard call-out message
Samsung Times Square billboard challenge message
Filming participant dance moves on the Samsung Galaxy SIII
Participant video shared live to the Samsung Times Square billboard
Great job message on Samsung Billboard
Participants in Times Square reacting to their video on the billboard
Participants in Times Square reacting to their video on the billboard