site design concept

Redbox, the DVD and video game rental kiosk company, approached us with a challenge: they wanted to explore the possibility of moving beyond disc rentals and get into the streaming video business.

We responded with the UX and UI design for a Redbox streaming service product. Starting with an analysis of the best features from established video services, we looked for places where we should match existing functionality and places where we could improve. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that the service aligned with the Redbox brand. And the new service needed to work with their existing rental kiosks, which formed the foundation of the Redbox business.

The result was a collection of feature recommendations brought together under a cohesive, branded design. We brought the Redbox customer experience to desktop and mobile screens alike, as well as to smart TVs and streaming devices through a proposed Redbox app. home page design concept concept - gallery page
Movie detail page
Account page
Redbox web site mobile screens
Redbox TV app