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The Government of Mexico came to us with a challenge: help it strengthen the country’s image in the eyes of the global community. The first step was a new national news and information website, designed to help build a more positive global perception of Mexico for a diverse set of audiences, from business leaders to vacationers to educators in other parts of the world.

Starting from a blank slate, we designed and developed a brand new website that would educate visitors about Mexico, and deliver editorial content emphasizing the positive direction in which the country is headed. Through rich visuals and dozens of original stories, articles, and infographics, we wove together an informative, responsive website that far exceeded anything the country had ever developed.

Despite high praise from the client for the work which we had done, priorities and budgets within the Mexican government changed. Unfortunately, the site never went live, even after having been fully developed. Home Page
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Content Strategy and Editorial Process

As an informational site, needed a continuous flow of new content that would appeal to and inform the diverse audiences that the Mexican government was trying to reach. We drafted a content strategy to organize the website and structure the content so that it made sense and was easy to find. We then set began the rigorous editorial process of identifying article topics, researching and writing the content, and then getting each one approved for publication. I played the role of editor-in-chief during this process, getting dozens of articles ready for when the site would go live.

graphic showing content article pages graphic showing content article pages
graphic showing content article pages graphic showing content article pages
graphic showing content article pages graphic showing content article pages
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Fully Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

Designing for mobile screens was a central part of our process, and my design team ensured that each page of the site worked as well on a mobile phone as it did on a laptop or desktop screen. Through daily check-ins with our development team, we tested the designs across a variety of screen sizes and made adjustments to the design where necessary along the way.