LGNDS Mobile App Launch Screen

Startup LGNDS had an idea that they believe would excite sports fans and sports personalities alike: a platform personally connecting fans with the sports legends they admire.

Through the LGNDS mobile product, fans would be able to gain access to their sports heroes. And athletes would find a new way to build relationships with their fans and maintaining relevance even after retirement—while earning a little extra income on the side.

Taking this central idea, my small the team and I helped shape the product strategy and branding for the LGNDS app. This was followed by UX/UI design and ultimately a tappable prototype that the startup used to pitch the product idea to gain funding and pitch the platform to professionals athletes in a wide variety of sports.

Users can browse available athletes by category and see what services each one offers.

Users can also browse athlete stores within the app and purchases individual products that they offer and endorse.

Athletes also offer exclusive memorabilia and personal can experiences that users can attempt to win.

A promotional website helps the startup build awareness of its product and entices professional athletes to join the platform.

LGNDS promotional website