IHG Hotels & Resorts Mobile App

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) needed help to improve the customer experience of their guests. The brand was in the process of redesigning many of its digital properties but needed some outside thinking to enhance the guest experience provided by the IHG mobile app.

My team took on the challenge, crafting an improved user journey through research, design thinking, and workshops with the team at IHG. Once a foundational journey was in place, we did the same for the visual design of the mobile interface, refining the UX and UI in iterative design sprints before handing it all off to the developers at IHG.

Mobile Guest Experience

Our design work centered around the guest experience within the app, creating a user journey that would create the best possible experience for IHG guests as they manage upcoming and current hotel stays.

In-Stay Mobile Features

Guest experience enhancements included in-stay service requests and access to concierge services through the mobile app, and a mobile room key allowing guests to use their phone to unlock their hotel room door.

User Experience Design

Annotated wireframes allowed us to organize our user experience thinking for the app, gave us a way to share our ideas for the guest experience with the IHG team during collaborative work sessions, and provided direction for the visual interface design and eventual development of the app.

IHG mobile app annotated wireframe IHG mobile app annotated wireframe
IHG mobile app annotated wireframe IHG mobile app annotated wireframe

Design Evolution

After delivering the user journey documentation and screen designs, we wrapped up the project with a group workshop with the team at IHG. The goal was to push the team’s thinking beyond the work that had been done and lay the foundation for the future evolution of the IHG mobile experience, briefly illustrated in the motion demo below.