Gateway Hotels and Resorts website

Gateway Hotels & Resorts is a hospitality brand in India that caters to budget-conscious travelers looking for comfort and style in a hotel stay. As part of the Taj Hotel Group redesign and re-platform project, The Gateway site was designed as a later phase of the overall project. And like the other Taj hotel sites, we used the common Taj component library and site structure, allowing us to be as efficient as possible in design and development. We then applied The Gateway Hotels & Resorts style guide and brand-specific content to that foundation, creating a site experience specific to the brand.

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Gateway Hotels homepage
Hotel page
Hotel room comparison page
Hotel room page

Responsive Web Design

The design of The Gateway site, like all sites in the Taj Hotel Group, was fully optimized to look great and work flawlessly on mobile and tablet screens as well as on laptop and desktop computers.

Brand Style Sheet

The Gateway Hotels & Reports brand style guide was applied to the underlying components on the site, allowing us to use the Taj structural elements for consistency and efficiency while creating a look, feel, and tone specific to the brand.

Gateway Hotels Style Sheet
Gateway Hotels Style Sheet