Essilor Varilux Homepage

Varilux progressive lenses are industry-leading prescription eyeglass lenses, but the brand’s website was anything but industry-leading. The content and design were extremely outdated, focusing on the wrong audience and built on an aging platform. A complete reboot and redesign were in order, including relaunching Varilux as a consumer brand and shifting the focus from eye care professionals to speak primarily to progressive lens wearers themselves.

Beginning with consumer research, we uncovered insights that led to a new content strategy and an entirely new responsive site design developed on the Adobe Experience Manager platform.

As creative lead on the redesign, I played a pivotal role in pitching the business, and then I forged a trusted relationship with the client once they were on board. And through the course of the project, it was my responsibility to guide a team of UX and UI designers, copywriters, and developers to help parent-company Essilor reinvigorate the Varilux brand.

Essilor Varilux Homepage
For lens wearers information page
The Varilux Difference page
About Varilux lenses page

Responsive Web Design

My design team sat and worked side-by-side with the developers on the project to ensure that the site was fully responsive, working across screens of all sizes from desktop to mobile.