U.S. Cellular Site Concept

Reimagining a new direction for the mobile carrier's site.

As part of our ongoing relationship with U.S. Cellular, we were asked by the mobile carrier to participate in a multi-agency exercise to evolve the brand. As U.S. Cellular's digital agency responsible for web experiences, it was our task to develop new directions for uscellular.com, ranging from an incremental shift in their current design to a complete reimagining of the direction of the site.

I worked closely with the brand and the creative team to oversee concept development, UX and design.

Role: creative direction, design direction, ux

Besides the concept above, we developed an entirely new direction for the brand online...

...and provided a third approach that simply reskinned the current site design, providing a cleaner, more modern look which could be implemented quickly.

Copyright 2015, Aaron Cacali