Razorfish Social Bikes

GPS powered self-tweeting bikes, each with its own unique personality.

To help people get around during SXSW Interactive, our team at Razorfish developed the idea of providing free bikes for anyone to use during the conference. But these weren't ordinary bikes. Each bike was given a name, a unique personality and a Twitter account, which it used to auto-tweet throughout each day of the conference.

Outfitted with GPS units and equipped with solar panels to provide power, these social bikes tweeted about where they where, what they were doing and where people should ride them. They even commented on the weather. Each was connected to a cloud server and all activity, as well as their location, was updated on a web site in real time. Using the site, SXSW attendees could track the current location of the bikes, see what they were up to and join in the banter as well.

The program was a huge success, prompting engagement by thousands of people and gaining media coverage from Mashable, PSFK and many others.

Role: creative direction, production, development

Copyright 2015, Aaron Cacali