Time 2 Brush Mobile App

Mobile app that encourages kids to brush for two minutes, rewarding them with customizable avatars.

To help moms with their kids' oral care, we created a fun, kid-focused mobile app to teach healthy brushing habits. The Aquafresh Time To Brush app gives kids their own nurdle character (the three-striped icon of the Aquafresh brand) who demonstrates proper brushing technique, and then brushes and dances along with them to an original soundtrack. Each time a child brushes she receives points which can be redeemed for items to customize the nurdle character. This keeps kids engages and keeps them coming back - which keeps moms happy.

I led the concept, UX and visual design, and supervised development of the app, which has been translated to multiple languages and was named a 2012 Appy Award finalist for best Branded Content App.

Role: creative direction, creative strategy, UX, concept, production oversight

Copyright 2015, Aaron Cacali